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    1. Goltim

      A recent eBay listing featured a sealed copy of the rare 8-track edition of The Monkees' final original studio album, 's satheavirokati.comruinomodevemudsoifritenethres.infoinfo out what was the starting bid, and for more about Monkees 8-tracks, visit John McCutcheon's wonderful Monkee45s website. And thanks to David Cox for sharing the eBay listing with The Monkees Live Almanac!
    2. Goltigis

      Do it in the name of love Do it in the name of love Baby, ain’t it good together? (Ohh) I swear it feels just like forever (Ohh) Don’t be scared, don’t you worry, no (Ohh) It’s alright, there’s no hurry, mm (Ohh) Oh no Do it in the name of love If you really want me, that’s reason enough Do it .
    3. Arale

      Rhino has already issued single-CD expanded editions of each of these nine albums as well as 2-CD versions of the first four albums and 3-CD box sets of every album except for More of the Monkees, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. and Changes.
    4. Mikamuro

      Introduction. ALBUM REVIEWS: The Monkees More Of The Monkees Headquarters Live Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd. The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees Head Instant Replay The Monkees Present Changes DISCOGRAPHY GAPS. Disclaimer: this page is not written from the point of view of a Monkees fanatic and is not .
    5. Kataur

      *the monkees present radio promo. changes. oh my my. ticket on a ferry ride. you’re so good to me. it’s got to be love. acapulco sun. 99 pounds [rhino vinyl-alt mix] tell me love. do you feel it too? i love you better. all alone in the dark. midnight train. i never thought it peculiar *time and time again (bass mix) *do it in the name of.
    6. Kagazuru

      May 24,  · Michael Nesmith left The Monkees in March to form The National Band, reducing the group to a duo consisting of Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones to record one last album. The Monkees as a duo was a sad affair, the album the two recorded was an even sadder affair. The two dutifully added their vocals to a number of prerecorded tapes.
    7. Meztikree

      Still, the liner notes make for some interesting reading about the mind set during this time, and Changes does have some good songs to offer. "Oh My My," "I Love You Better," and the bonus track "Do It In The Name of Love" were already included in the box set, but Micky's "Midnight Train" and a couple Jeff Barry tunes are worth checking out.
    8. Vudoshakar

      Changes is the ninth and final Colgems studio album released by the Monkees. Issued in June as COS after the departure of Mike Nesmith from the group, it featured the Monkees as a duo—Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones—with little collaboration between the two. Seven of the album's twelve selections were written by Jeff Barry, most with co-writers Andy Kim or Bobby Bloom, including both.
    9. Ferg

      [Rhino's reissue of the album added three very good bonus tracks, two of which ("Do It in the Name of Love" and "Lady Jane") were taken from the duo’s final sessions with Barry (and were eventually released under Dolenz and Jones’ own names on Bell Records in /

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